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Formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly particleboard

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The first particleboard produced by natural plant reeds in China. The unique wetlands, 1.2 million mu of natural reeds, ensure sufficient raw materials for particleboard. The reed-specific particleboard equipment developed by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences adopts international advanced technology to build a large-scale continuous flat pressing production line. The current annual production capacity is 100,000 cubic meters. Using 100% formaldehyde-free isocyanate (MDI) glue as the adhesive, it is currently the only manufacturer in China that can produce high-quality formaldehyde-free reed particleboard.

Anhui Yuanpeng International Trade Co., Ltd. recommended reed particleboard products in response to the needs of Japanese customers in 2018. After that, our company led many Japanese experts on related products to the site to give technical guidance to the factory, so that the products reached the Japanese JIS standards and the corporate standards of related industries in Japan.

Environmental protection has become a global trend, and the world is facing the severe problem of pollution of the earth. In order not to destroy the forest and protect our common homeland, let us all use reed particle board that can be recycled naturally!



Product Standards


 The product fully meets the Japanese JIS particleboard standard in quality, and is designated as a supplier of special boards for double floors by related Japanese companies.


Product Usage


 It can be used for Japanese double floor boards, indoor and outdoor decoration, high-end furniture, etc.




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