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Fully Biodegradable agricultural mulch film(Land Pal Brand)

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Land Pal: Friends of the Earth

Fully biodegradable Agricultural Mulch Film

The specifications of Land Pal mulch film


         Width                                       950mm -2000mm

          Length                                            (unlimited, can be customized)

          Thickness                                  0.008-0.020mm

Shelf life

         Do not exceed one year according to storage conditions

Effective use period

          The effective period of the covered mulch depends on the climate and soil conditions, the initial degradation time is within 1 month, 2-3 months, 3-4 months, and more than 4 months. It usually takes 2-3 months, after that it will begin to degrade gradually.


Mainly in black and white colors. Various colors can be produced according to customer needs.


Compared with common mulch films (PVC, PE, PP, etc.) used in the past, the advantages of Land Pal biodegradable agricultural mulch film are as follows:

There is no need to recycle after use, which not only avoids the trouble of recycling, but also saves labor costs and time.

For example, corn and other crops are covered with mulch close to the thick rhizomes, so the recovery of mulch after harvest is laborious and takes a lot of time. However, the use of Land Pal's degradable mulch film, which is directly plowed after harvest, will gradually degrade until it returns to the soil, without recycling, saving a lot of manpower and time.

Good tensile strength, suitable for mechanical laminating operation.

Good heat preservation effect, strong grass control ability, and no need for herbicides

Ensure complete degradation and return to the soil within 18 months, protect the environment, increase soil fertility, and promote increased production.


Qualifications and Certificates of Land Pal fully biodegradable Agricultural mulch film

Land Pal mulch obtained EU SEEDING and Germany DIN certificates.

Land Pal mulch complies with Chinese national standards and ISO international standards.

Land Pal mulch film meets the quality standard of China GB/T35795-2017 biodegradable mulch film. Strictly implement the relevant regulations on size, weight error range, appearance (cleanliness, wrinkles, rolled state, etc.) and mechanical properties (tensile strength, tear strength, etc.), air tightness, and heavy metal content of hazardous substances in the standard ( Consistent with ISO international standards).


Standard and applicable machines of Land Pal mulch film

Land Pal mulch film can be customized according to the machine size of the country and region of use, to ensure that there is no problem with the mechanical installation, and the operation methods are exactly the same as the ordinary mulch film used in the past.



Mainly used for ground coverage of various crops, cash crops, vegetables and rice. In addition to ordinary mulching film to increase ground temperature, water retention, fertilizer retention, early maturity, high yield, and quality improvement of crops, it also has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, and complete degradation in the soil microbial environment. It is environmentally friendly and does not need to be recycled  after use, which greatly reduces agricultural costs, increases economic income, and is deeply loved by farmers.

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